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“I have had the pleasure of working with Jordi  as our Spanish interpreter, and I am thrilled to provide this testimonial for his outstanding performance.

Jordi has consistently exceeded our expectations with his exceptional interpreting skills. His fluency in both Spanish and English, combined with his technical savvy, has made him an invaluable asset during our zoom and in-person trainings, especially when it comes to translating technical Spanish.

One of the qualities that truly sets Jordi apart is his ability to adapt to changes on the go. Whether it’s last-minute adjustments to the training agenda or sudden modifications to the speaker’s language or tone, Jordi has consistently risen to the challenge and ensured that the message is accurately conveyed to all participants. His ability to think quickly and accurately interpret complex concepts in real-time is truly remarkable.

In addition, Jordi is highly tech-savvy, making him an excellent fit for our Zoom trainings. He seamlessly navigates the platform and ensures that all participants, both English and Spanish speakers, can fully engage in the training sessions. His proficiency in utilizing various online tools and resources has greatly enhanced the quality of our virtual trainings.

Furthermore, Jordi establishes a positive environment during the trainings. His excellent communication skills, friendly demeanor, and professionalism create a welcoming atmosphere where all participants feel heard and included, regardless of their language preference.

I wholeheartedly recommend Jordi for any interpreting assignments, whether it’s in-person or online, for small or large audiences. His exceptional interpreting skills, adaptability to changes, technical proficiency, and positive attitude make him an outstanding choice for any professional setting.

Jordi’s contributions to our trainings have been invaluable, and I look forward to continuing our successful collaboration in the future.

Priscilla Zamora

Director of Operations/ Families in Action for Quality Education 

“Ana is one of the best interpreters we have used with COPA. Our Spanish-speaking and English-speaking leaders alike highly value Ana’s services and request her at any events for which we need interpretation. Her language skills are highly advanced, and she is able to use terminology in a diversity of subject areas. I highly recommend reaching out to her for any interpretation needs you have.”


Tim McMagnus

Senior Organizer| Industrial Areas Foundation 

We have worked with J.A.V Langauge Solutions as our go-to servicer for translating services for years. We are always astounded with the quality and great customer service we receive. Whenever we need translator services we never hesitate to reach out because we know we can count on them to provide what we need.”  

Shannon Campano 

Admin Manager Veggielution  

“J.A.V. Language Solutions has been an excellent partner of the Center for Cultural Power. While always maintaining professionalism, J.A.V Language Solutions offers care and a solutions-oriented approach to the work. As we move toward a more inclusive world for all, our partnership has enhanced our projects and brought more voices to our community.”

Anna Maria Luera

Associate Director of Artist Leadership | The Center for Cultural Power

“Considero son de una excelente calidad, ya que los servicios de interpretacion que usted ofrece junto con su equipo de trabajo son autenticos, comunican el mensaje, completo, acertivo, facil de entender y de una manera bien articulada, esto nos permite comprender y llevar la secuencia  de la conversacion , exacta y precisa. Quiero expresar mi gratitud por el servicio personalizado y siempre con la actitud de  proveer el mejor servicio, una compania que toma en cuenta los valores de sus clientes y las necesidades de los mismos.

Ademas de la calidad de audio con equipo de calidad suprema que nos da la oportunidad de escuchar claramente todo el tiempo.”

Recomiendo ampliamente su compania de interpretacion simplemente los mejores! 

Alma Loredo

Parent Organizer | United Parents Committee/Building Healthy Communities

English Translation

“I consider this to be a company of excellent quality since the interpreting services
they offer, and their professional team are authentic and manage to communicate
the messages in a complete, accurate, easy-to-understand, and well-articulated
manner. This allows us not only to understand but to follow each sequence of the
conversation accurately and precisely. I want to express my gratitude for the
personalized service and their will to provide the best service. This is a company that
considers the values of its customers and their needs. I would also like to mention
the excellence of the audio with top-quality equipment that gives us the opportunity
to hear clearly all the time”.
I highly recommend your interpreting company as they are simply the best!!

Alma Loredo

Parent Organizer | United Parents Committee/Building Healthy Communities

“We have nothing but great things to say about JAV Language Solutions. Ana and Jordi are professional, reliable, thoughtful, and friendly. During the pandemic as our technology and interpretation needs constantly evolved, they were fantastic partners in problem-solving and creating new ways of doing things. We highly recommend them!”

Matt Gustafson

Mayfair Coordinator | SOMOS Mayfair

Our R2E2 team wanted to send you a huge THANK YOU for supporting our entire B-UP webinar series with Spanish interpretation this spring. You are very organized, responsive, and easy to work with, and we got lots of great feedback from webinar participants who commended your high quality of interpretation during the webinars. I really enjoyed working with you, and I hope our paths will cross again!

Carolyn  Conant 

Technical Assistance Coordinator | Residential Retrofits for  Energy  Equity ( R2R2)   


Ana is a top-notch interpreter who has added great value to our work and community in East San Jose. When she interprets at our events, her kind disposition and flexibility make her easy to work with— she naturally fits into the team.

She is professional, respectful and adept at reading a room. When prompted, she also adds richness to the conversation because of her wealth of background knowledge and ability to discern context. She is able to translate abstract/technical concepts through her strong grip on the Spanish and English languages. I thoroughly recommend her services!

Chelsey (Cartwright) Prewitt

Communications | SOMOS Mayfair


Jordi is amazing.  One of the best, if not the best, Spanish/English language interpreter I have worked with in my 30 years of community organizing.”    

Corey T. Timpson

Community Organizing Consultant 

“South Bay Community Land Trust has known about J.A.V. Language Solution’s amazing services for years through our partners and coalition spaces. In June 2022, we began needing  interpretation services for our in-person / online community meetings and educational workshops, and we’ve been eagerly reaching out to J.A.V. for support since then. The incredible quality of the J.A.V.’s interpretation along with their cooperation, warmth and commitment to language justice is a key component to successful events where community is cultivated, informed and connected. We look forward to a long-lasting working relationship with J.A.V. and their interpreters. The South Bay CLT is confident that our collaboration will only move us with intention toward our mission for housing justice.”

Delma Hernandez

South Bay Community Land Trust

“Ana is absolutely AMAZING! She is engaged in the community and is well-versed in housing discussion as she interprets for many key organizations championing housing for all and community engagement. Ana was a huge help when kick-starting our Housing Element workshops this year and she was willing to make any virtual, in-person, or hybrid situation work. She truly understands the meaning of community and will take the time to meet with any and all event stakeholders if needed to walk them through translations and interpretation best practices so they feel confident in addressing their audiences’ needs. I absolutely recommend Ana with JAV Language Solutions for your community’s needs.” – Alyssa Kroeger, MBEP Director of Strategic Initiatives – Housing & Broadband

Alyssa Kroger 

Director of Strategic Initiatives-Housing & Broadband/ Monterey Bay Economic Partnershipt

‘A mi me gusta la interpretación de Ana. Ella te interpreta toda la información que están dando sin brincarse la conversación”

” I like Ana’s interpretation, she interprets all the information that is being provided without skipping the conversation”

Betsy Tornero

Mujeres en Acción /Program Coordinator

“I’m a local real estate and estates/probate attorney and I’ve used Ana’s translation services on numerous occasions. Ana pays attention to detail and her translations are accurate. Having her as my translator has helped me expand my practice to take on more Spanish-speaking clients locally as well as internationally. Her translations are spot on not just in the sense of her translating the words accurately but she is excellent at ensuring that the message, tone, and feel of the document are translated as well. In my line of work, the intention must be clear and not just the literal translation. I’ve heard feedback from Spanish-speaking clients as well as opposing counsels that the documents are translated well. Therefore, I highly recommend Ana and the services of JAV Language Solutions.”

Marialorena Relos

Contract; Real Estate; Privacy; Mass Arbitration Defense Attorney

J.A.V. Language Solutions has provided the best experience I’ve ever had with interpretation services. I have had the pleasure of working with them on multiple projects, in many different contexts, with a diverse range of themes, online and in-person, and they are consistently excellent at what they do and joyful to work with. Participants are always happy with the interpretation they provide, and they connect meaningfully with the content.

Rosa Gonzalez

Founder | Facilitating Power

” J.A.V. Language Solutions has created one of the most seamless multilingual spaces  I’ve been in. The team is incredibly organized, easy to work with, prepared, and responsive. Whether in-person or in a virtual space, I know that J.A.V. Language Solutions will approach the work with a lot of care. They are also adaptable to whatever is needed and able to quickly problem solve for any challenges that come up. Because of their excellent work, the J.A.V. Language Solutions team ensures that I always have a space accessible to all of our participants.


Emi Yoko- Young
Non-profit Facilitator


“Hola mi nombre es Lupita Perez yo soy Co-fundadora de De Colores C Consulting, Yo conocí a Ana y Jordi de J.A.V Language Solutions en el 2017 en un retiro para cooperativas donde ellos estaban traduciendo de Inglés al Español y de español al inglés simultáneamente. Definitivamente me maraville cuando escuche la traducción simultánea tan nítida, genuina, no solo traducir por traducir pero usando palabras claras y entendibles a las culturas que estábamos presentes y que necesitábamos entender de principio a fin, traducen transmitiendo el sentimiento, pensamiento de lo que las personas dicen yo hice notas muchas notas cosa que no siempre pasa en otros lugares que tiener traduccion. En una de las organizaciones con las que trabajo Somos Mayfair tambien hacen la traducción y son geniales, tienen un servicio al cliente amable y eficiente pero sobre todo es un negocio familiar que se ve el amor, el apoyo, y la unidad que transmiten en todos sus servicios.

En J.A.V Language Solutions Son profesionales , conocen el lexico de las diferentes culturas a las que traducen, son unicos en la area de la bahia si deseas una traduccion nitida, genuina yo te recomiendo a J.A.V Language Solutions y quedaran satisfechos con sus servicios.”

Lupita Perez

Co-Founder | De Colores C. Consulting

English Translation

“Hello, my name is Lupita Perez, and I am a Co-founder of De Colores C Consulting. I
meet Ana and Jordi from J.A.V Language Solutions in 2017 in a Cooperative retreat
where they were simultaneously interpreting from English to Spanish and Spanish to
English. I was astonished when I heard the clear and authentic interpretation. They
do not simply translate from one language to another; they use clear and
understandable words that take into consideration the cultural background of their
audience to enable understanding from beginning to end. When they translate, they
convey the thoughts and feelings of what is being said. I was able to take so many
notes, something that does not always happen in other events where interpretation
services are being provided. They also provide translation and interpretation
services for SOMOS MAYFAIR, another organization I work for, and their services are
equally great. Their customer service is always kind and efficient, but most
importantly, it is a family business where you can see the love, support, and unity
they put into all their services.
At J.A.V Language Solutions, they are professionals; they know the lexicon of the
array of cultures they translate for, and they are unique in the bay area. If you are

looking for clear and genuine translation services, I recommend J.A.V Language
Solutions. You will be satisfied with their services.”

Lupita Perez

Co-Founder | De Colores C. Consulting



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